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Office Worker Guide: The Secret to Rejuvenate Beauty Inside Out!

Office Worker Guide: The Secret to Rejuvenate Beauty Inside Out!

People nowadays are living in a fast-paced life and inevitably facing great pressure, coupled with irregular eating habits, staying up late and sultry climate, etc., all of which indirectly affect our physical and mental emotion conditions. Therefore, we must look into it and find ways to relieve our stress for the prevention of severe symptoms to happen.

The busy pace of life, migraine, insomnia, emotional instability, and dull skin colour seem to have become a common problem for modern people, especially office workers. Sitting in the air-conditioned office all day long by facing the monitor screen with improper sitting posture and not moving around in fact will make us feel body aching and mental fatigue. These insignificant habits and routines are bringing harm to our body without our knowledge.

Editor knows that it is impossible for everyone to put aside the heavy work load and dedicate time to re-adjust own physical and mental conditions in short term. Therefore, editor has specially compiled a few simple tips for readers to revive and perform better!

• Continue to learn new things

Learning is a part of the vital elements to make life more pleasant, it is the best way to grow ourselves. Learning is not necessarily to take the MBA or any other courses, it can be in leisure aspect which is focusing on physical and mental fit or personal interest that brings pleasure. In such a case, we may improve ourselves while maintain the curiosity in learning.

• Drink more water

Drinking more water is able to soothe the emotion? In fact, drinking plenty of water can replenish the body with the required hydration to promote good health. It also helps to soothe the dry skin caused by staying in air-conditioned room for long period, so that the skin will radiate healthy glow from the inside out, and the mood will become better!

• Me Time!

Arrange a Me Time for yourself, whether it is watching a movie on weekend, reading a book, listening to music, or attending a workshop you like. These leisure activities are able to help you to relax and unwind your mind.

Editor’s Choice:

It is amazing if you have found the best way to relax your physical and mental stress, however it is even more effective if you work on a regular treatment for yourself! Beauté Library, which cares for people’s skin, bringing Body Detoxifying & Rebalancing body treatment that specially designed for modern people. It uses advanced technology and natural ingredients to help accelerate the metabolism of the body, generates ideal health condition.

The entire body treatment includes Steambath to open the pores of the skin, promote blood circulation, and prepare for the follow-up treatment. Then, through the professional beautician, massage the lymph nodes to remove harmful substances and toxins from the lymph glands to prevent lymphatic obstruction problems.

The treatment also uses Himalayan sea salt with soothing, repairing and decontaminating effect to exfoliate the skin, leaving the skin feeling soft and supple. Together with S-Curve and Hot Detox Slimming Wrap with ginseng oil, it creates a firmer and shapelier body curve. Finally, the treatment is specially coordinated with Infra-Heat Blanket Therapy to excrete toxins that accumulated in our daily life through help our skin to perspire and regain vitality!

Beauté Library Body Detoxifying & Rebalancing body treatment for 150 minutes is priced at RM1280. It is suitable for a wide range of skin conditions, the treatment effective deep detoxification of the skin, soothes the signs of body tightness, it also helps women to regulate body hormone and further improves mood depression. Therefore, the treatment is especially recommended for women who are emotionally stressed and strained for a long time!

Beauté Library currently has 9 branches, including MyTOWN KL, Mid Valley, Kota Damansara, EkoCheras Mall, Desa ParkCity, USJ Taipan, 1 Utama, Cheras Mahkota and Setiawalk Puchong.

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