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[Editor’s Review] AsterSpring – The Key to Revitalise Your Skin

[Editor’s Review] AsterSpring – The Key to Revitalise Your Skin

Most people today live a busy lifestyle. With unhealthy lifestyle habits and coupled with external factors like the polluted air and haze, the skin is stressed out causing it to be dry, dehydrated, sensitive and losing its balance to stay healthy. Negative emotions due to stress and unbalanced diet contribute to the aging process that brings about dryness, sensitivity, fine lines, wrinkles and therefore results in a dull and lack luster complexion. If left unattended, the skin will age rapidly and we will look older than our actual age. 

Advancement in technology brings with it a variety of skincare solutions catered to different skin conditions. Dedicated to enhancing women’s beauty and wellness, AsterSpring introduces its brand-new Soothing & Rebalancing Therapy. All takes is just a 62-minute session for your skin to restore it to its initial radiance. For Boey, she chose AsterSpring to experience this treatment.

What is Skin Microbiome?

The human cells have many different microorganisms, including fungi and probiotics that play an important role on the skin condition. They survive by ‘eating’ on our sweat, sebum and dead skin, which not only cleanse the skin, but also effectively prevents harmful microorganisms from breeding on the skin. When the skin microbiome is balanced, the skin protective barrier is able to withstand further damage caused by external factors. The latest Soothing & Rebalancing Therapy is designed to achieve these purposes – to restore the balance of skin microbiome and strengthens it further to achieve beautiful and healthy skin. 

Visiting AsterSpring Signature in Paradigm Mall, Boey found the beauty center to be brightly lit and comfortable with its all-white, minimalist interior and atmosphere. Before starting the treatment, the brand’s therapist will do a skin analysis and consult customers on their current skin condition and skincare regime before recommending the most suitable treatment based on their lifestyle habits.

The Soothing & Rebalancing Therapy that Boey experienced is suitable for all skin types and age. After cleansing the face, the therapist will use a mild exfoliator to remove impurities from the skin’s surface which will subsequently help to make the treatment more effective, then followed by an extraction. 

Next, a high-tech nano-technology oxygen mist spray was used, with 9 times more penetration and powerful hydration. It is an ampoule mist and serum that consists of three main key ingredients – Botanic-Calm Complex, EquapH Complex and Synbiotics Complex. The treatment provides superior penetration that effectively strengthens the skin’s antioxidant, while hydrating the skin enough to balance the prebiotics and probiotics which will fully relieve skin from sensitivity, dryness, flaking, redness and irritation.

After completing the steps above, the therapist will then apply multigrain soothing masque and continue with a series of massages which is extremely effective in relaxing the body and mind. 

Editor’s Words:

Boey is very fond and satisfied with this facial treatment. Not only can she feel her skin is smoother, but it seemed to also emit reveal a natural and translucent glow inside out! In addition, her makeup also lasts longer, and her skin is brighter naturally without the need to use a highlighter! If you are a modern, busy woman, why not just give yourself 62 minutes to pamper and reward your skin and relax your mind with this invigorating treatment.

AsterSpring Soothing & Rebalancing Therapy is now available at RM468 at all AsterSpring Centers and RM498 at AsterSpring Signature Centers. First-time customers are entitled to a 40% discount (T&C Apply). For more information, visit AsterSpring’s official website.

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