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Get all cute this summer with Etude House’s Tsum Tsum Summer Collection!

Get all cute this summer with Etude House’s Tsum Tsum Summer Collection!

This summer, Etude House presents an adorable Tsum Tsum makeup collection in collaboration with Disneyagain. This all-new collection is limited edition, and includes the Jellyful Blur Balm, the Lovely Cookie Blusher, the Sebum Soak Powder, the Jelly Mousse Tint, a Cushion Puff, and a 3-in-1 Face Brush. Each of their packaging is designed to feature a lovable Tsum Tsum character, to welcome the bright and colorful summer season.

The new Etude House x Disney Tsum Tsum makeup collection promotes refreshing and cheerful colour tones, with an emphasis on oil control formulas. The new and chic Jellyful Blur Balm and Sebum Soak Powder are the ultimate oil control products that are not to be missed among the range, to keep you looking fresh and bright throughout the hot summer days.

Themed as “Awesome Party”, this limited-edition Etude House Tsum Tsum makeup collection gives our favourite Disney characters a chance to get together for some fun, to keep your mood up and makeup beautiful. The packaging is so attractive, especially the Jelly Mousse Tint that is presented in a roly-poly toy design, so much so that they are definitely worth collecting!

1. Etude House Tsum Tsum Jellyful Blur Blam RM75

This unique jelly-cushion balm contains a light and airy jelly texture that is produced with Pure Jelly Complex. It glides softly upon application and provides silky and semi-matte finish for a flawless skin tone. It contains 65% hyaluronic acid and glacial water that creates an enjoyable cooling sensation on the skin and helps with moisture retention so that it is comfortable on your skin for long hours. Jellyful Blur Balm comes with a choice of 3 shades for colour correction and 4 foundation tones.

2. Etude House Tsum Tsum Lovely Cookie Blusher RM37.50

Using the effect of plate-like powder, this blusher can reduce the appearance of skin blemishes and brightens up the complexion for a lovely-looking flush. It contains sebum control powder and fine colour pigments that will keep you looking fresh for long hours. Available in 5 sweet shades with a choice of powder puffs in various thickness to suit different skin tones and makeup needs.

3. Etude House Tsum Tsum Sebum Soak Powder RM38

This silky fine loose powder provides a long-lasting matte finish which effectively covers fine lines and pores with the effect of visual dispersion. It absorbs shine and sebum, keeping you beautiful at all times.

4. Etude House Tsum Tsum Jelly Mousse Tint RM44

Designed as an adorable roly-poly toy, this lip tint has a mousse-like texture that provides an even application for a silky matte pout. Available in 5 shades of orangey-pink summer hues for your selection.

5. Etude House Tsum Tsum 3-in-1 Face Brush RM32

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This face brush is made of soft synthetic hair and can easily be used for blushers, loose powders or bronzers, giving you great portability and convenience for your daily makeup regime.

6. Etude House Tsum Tsum Cushion Puff Chip & Dale RM25

Etude House introduces these fluffy Chip & Dale cushion puffs that are usable for all cushion foundation products. Pair it with the collection’s Tsum Tsum Jellyful Blur Balm for an adorable makeup experience.

Add on to that cuteness with our special offer in July! – Purchase the Etude House Tsum Tsum Jellyful Blur Balm in the month of July from any Etude House store and get a complimentary cushion puff. Visit the retail stores or online e-shops now!

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