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Cool, sweet or feminine style? Learn these 3 different make-up styles!

Cool, sweet or feminine style? Learn these 3 different make-up styles!

The beauty of make-up is that it can portray a different personality each time. This round, we used Etude House’s 9-colour eyeshadow palette to teach you 3 styles of make-up!

1 1.Sweet and Fresh #Tulip Day

A sweet makeup is suitable for daily use that would make you look pleasant and approachable. It is best to use natural tones mixed with pink or orange embellishments. For the eyeshadow, we used a pink and brown blend of Etude House Play Color Eyes #Tulip Day and layered pink tones on the inner corner of the eye and complete it with an eyeliner, drawn slightly upward in soft strokes.

Tips: Gradient Lips Makeup
Make your lips color stand out by blending its gradation! We used Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint #OR205 and #RD307 to blend and layer together to create a glamorous lip makeup.

2 Graceful and Sophisticated #Maple Road

The warm colours from the fall eyeshadow palette suits young, mature ladies! #Maple Road eyeshadow palette is the brand’s best seller, hence you should get it as soon as it’s available in stores. We created a warm and graceful look using its earth-toned eyeshadow colours and brown eyeliner. For the lips, we used Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint #OR205 for a matte look.

Tips: Blusher
Add some colour into your overall warm makeup! We dabbed the slightly brighter Dear Darling Water Gel Tint #OR202 on our cheeks and blend it out slowly and evenly. If you are just starting to learn how to use makeup and is unsure about the choice of shade to use, you can use a colour or shade that is the same or closest to your lip colour.

3 Cool and Mystical #Chilly Moon

You will get unexpected results if you try heavier makeup. For example, shades of dark red together with glitter tones is ideal for a Girls Night Out! We recommend to layer the red-brown shade under the eyes, and match it with an eyeliner on the inner eye corner for it to stand out. For the lips, you can use the dark red Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint #RD303 for a dreamy yet not overpowering look.

Tips: Get false eyelashes!
To create an attractive eye makeup, other than using dark colors and gradient eyeshadows, using false eyelashes is also a great finishing touch! Take note to use those which are more natural otherwise it would make you look tacky!

Editor’s Choice: Etude House Play Color Eyes 9-Color Eyeshadow Palette

Play Color Eyes #Tulip Day | 0.9g x 9 RM95

This romantic 9-color eyeshadow palette was inspired by the colors of tulip flowers and uses sweet pink and coral shades for a lovely eye makeup. Formulated with micro-fine pigment power, the eyeshadow is soft and blends easily.

Play color Eyes #Maple Road | 0.9g x 9 RM95

See Also

This is such a bestseller that it’s always out of stock in the stores! Inspired by the beautiful sunset and fall leaves, the eyeshadow palette carries a range of warm brown colors reminiscent of romantic fall leaves. Formulated with soft pigment powders, the colors have excellent staying power that brings out an elegant and refined eye makeup.

Play Color Eyes #Chilly Moon | 0.9g x 9 RM95

The palette comes in 9 luxurious brown tones that best portrays the dreamy moon and night sky, making it great to create deep eye makeups. The eyeshadow is formulated with micro-fine pigments and comes in different textures ranging from soft matte to sparkling glitters for different makeup looks.

Don’t miss out Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint Lip Gloss range. The lip gloss range is fruit-flavored for a juicy, moist and refreshing feeling while keeping the lips supple and the color stays on. There are total 17 shades and colours to choose from. We especially love to use Dear Darling Water Gel Tint as a blusher – all you need to do is to use your fingers and dab some on the cheeks and spread it out evenly to complete your makeup look!

All Etude House products are available online now, let’s check it out!

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