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One Night in Beijing: Immerse in the Beijing Hutong’s Cultural Ambience

One Night in Beijing: Immerse in the Beijing Hutong’s Cultural Ambience

What are the things that you will associate with when it comes to travel in Beijing? The Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Xiangshan Park, Thirteen Ming Tombs, etc. In fact, the best way to explore in Beijing is to stay in the courtyard of the boutique hotel in the depths of Hutong, truly feel the people’s livelihood and customs of the local city and appreciate the century-old cultural spirit. If you are planning to travel to Beijing, this may be your best accommodation option.

Layering Courtyard Hutel Qianmen:隐世・叠院兒胡同酒店

“Hidden World Layering Courtyard”, as its name suggests, is a boutique hotel hidden in the courtyard of Qianmen Street in Beijing with tranquil environment. The features of this hotel are mainly to preserve the mottled brick walls of the Republic House in the exterior of the building, and the rows of arched doors and windows create a chic retro charm.

After the redesign process, the hotel interior utilized a great amount of light wood material and large-area glass windows. It designed to create a rich visual sense while humanized high-tech cleverly concealed in the lobby interior and guest rooms which allows guests to immerse in the beauty of this ancient and modern intersection.

Peking Garden Boutique Hotel:北平花园酒店

The Peking Garden Boutique Hotel, which is hidden in the depths of the Hutong South Street in Beijing, is ideal for travellers who love flowers. Built in a century-old courtyard, this exquisitely lush garden is the hotel’s greatest feature, exuding the simplicity rustic atmosphere in the narrow lanes.

Peking Garden Boutique Hotel is an ingenious designed hotel as the business owner is a lady who loves flowers. She has turned her passion for flowers and lifestyle into a delicate hidden garden in the century-old courtyard.

Lezai Nanluo Hotel

Compared to the previous two hotels, LeZaiNanluo Boutique Hotel has a more extensive lofty style. This hotel is located in Shajing Hutong, NanLuoGuXiang. The three entries courtyard mansion is filled with extravagant style which creates a strong Chinese culture atmosphere in the hotel.

敖云Ao Yun 2015,世界背脊上的匠心酒酿

The three entries building witnessed the turbulent history from the end of the Qing Dynasty to the democratic reformation. Later, after some redesign and finishing, it became one of the most ideal accommodations for the travellers.

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The HuLu Hotel

If you wish to feel the leisurely and simple Beijing daily life, then the Hulu Courtyard Hotel is definitely your choice. It is stated that this hotel was built by a well-known Hong Kong designer, creating a boutique hotel in the ancient courtyard, but cleverly retaining the original brick and gray tiles of the old house, and then using elegant green plants and lighting compositions to create a quiet leisure experience.



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