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Which Are the Fashionista’s Favourite Branded Handbags?

Which Are the Fashionista’s Favourite Branded Handbags?

With the end of the autumn and winter ’19 fashion week, in addition to the wonderful masterpieces on the runway, I believe that many people like editor, will focus on the street fashion. After all, compared to the runway, the street fashion seems to be more suitable for us as the average individuals. This time, editor wanted to share with you which handbag styles are on trend?

It is not exaggerated to say that fashionistas can predict the upcoming hot items because many of their choices will be the hottest items in the coming season. In the just-concluded autumn and winter ’19 fashion week, there are a lot of handbags worthy of our attention, some are classic reinterpretation, and some are the different brand concept after new creative director joined, let’s take a look at the handbag styles with great exposure on the street.

Chanel Boy Chanel

Boy Chanel is the dream handbag in many people’s hearts. It sported a new profile in the second half of 2018, subverting the silhouettes of the general handbags and designed with chic straight rectangular shape with great options of hand-held and crossbody matching looks. Moreover, Chanel added a lot of playful and colourful tones and successfully be the center of attention amongst the street fashion trendsetters.

Chloe C

Chloe C handbag is definitely a prominent one for editor because the letter C is really eye-catching. Besides that, this is the Chloe’s attention-grabbing handbag style after Natacha Ramsay-Levi taken up brand’s creative director position. C logo design can be seen in numerous simple handbag styles, very striking.

Prada Sidonie

Once as the classic style of Prada, Sidonie now re-emerges with the new streamlined profile and ergonomic structure. The metal details on the handbag, such as plaques and buckles, are based on the brand details of the luggage used when Mario Prada founded the brand in 1913. Presented in a new look, it blends the classic, elegant curvature and modern style perfectly.

Fendi Baguette

A lot of people have been brainwashed by Fendi’s recent released Baguette film. The most surprising part is even Sarah Jessica Parker was taken part in it, and people’s thoughts will instantly trace back to the Sex and The City television series! This most classic handbag style of Fendi was inspired by Silvia Venturini Fendi when she held a French loaf in her underarm in 1997, and it is now return gloriously. Can you not collect it if you wished to look in and fashionable?

Bottega Veneta Maxi Cabat

Daniel Lee’s appointment undeniably has subverted the trail of the Tomas Maier era. Maxi Cabat is his first handbag for BV that blended with the traditional weaving process of the brand into the casual tote bag. It created another new look of elegance, unexpectedly received great appreciation.

Not Overly Sexy Design, One Shoulder More Attractive!

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Louis Vuitton 

I have to say that Louis Vuitton has shown many new expressions after the new creative director joined, and even the logo has a new interpretation. Not to mention the classic Speedy and Twist handbags, let’s take a look at the Dauphine handbag that will set off a new hype. The handbag can be turned into a belt bag design, which is quite fashionable, and the retro-designed logo metal button has become the highlight of the handbag.

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